BODY MEASUREMENTS for babies & toddlers & kids

0-1 month50
1-2 month56
2-3 month62
4-6 month68
7-9 month74
10-12 month80
13-18 month86
up to 2 years92
2-3 years98up to 98cmup to 54cmup to 52cm
3-4 years104up to 104cmup to 56cmup to 54cm
4-5 years110up to 110cmup to 58cmup to 55cm
5-6 years116up to 116cmup to 60cmup to 56cm
6-7 years122up to 122cmup to 62cmup to 57cm
7-8 years128up to 128cmup to 64cmup to 58cm
8-9 years134up to 134cmup to 67cmup to 60cm
9-10 years140up to 140cmup to 70cmup to 62cm
11-12 years152up to 152cmup to 78cmup to 66cm

Measure from the top of head to the ground (without shoes)

Measure around the fullest part of the chest.

The size charts below are only guideline values that can help you in the decision, because each child develops individually. If you are still unsure or have questions about individual brands, feel free to contact us using the contact form or write an e-mail to [email protected].

Scandinavian brands are generally slightly larger.


AgeShoe Size
0-6 month15/16
6-12 month17/18
12-18 month19/21
18-24 month22/24
3-4 years25/28
5-6 years29/32
7-8 years33/36
9-10 years37/39


CentimeterAppr. Age
600-½ year
70½-1 year
801-2 years
902-3 years
1003-4 years
1104-5 years
1206-7 years
1308-9 years


SizeAppr. Age
37 – 39Newborn
412-3 months
434-5 months
456-7 months
478-12 months
491-2 years
513-5 years
536-7 years